What is career-rape? Ask Paul Newman and Rick Persse (DECD Chief Executive)

Gerald Ridsdale rapes your children:

gerald ridsdale

Harvey Weinstein rapes your female actors:

harvey weinstein

Jimmy Saville rapes/raped everybody:

jimmy saville

Ridsdale, Weinstein and Saville are 1. rape below.

Paul Newman rapes your teaching careers:

paul newman

Newman is 3. rape below.

Read this definition, these rapes are different:

rape (rāp)

  • n.1. The crime of forcing another person to submit to sex acts, especially sexual intercourse.
  • n.2. The act of seizing and carrying off by force; abduction.
  • n.3. Abusive or improper treatment; violation: a rape of justice.

Paul Newman’s behavior is labeled “Career-rape” because if he doesn’t like you he f*cks your career without your consent. A rape of career.  It is abusive and improper. It is a violation. This shares imagery heaps with 1. rape. It is abuse of power. Just like Catholic Priests who molested children in their care were moved when the Church found out. Paul Newman was also moved to a new partnership after his abuse of people and their careers on the APY Lands became too much.

Paul Newman’s favorite principals are telling everyone:

Here is an extract from one email:

Dear Staff,

Blah blah blah

Firstly, Paul Newman, Daniel Balacco and Kerryn Jones were lucky enough to win the Flinders Park partnership in the new shuffle of DECD. While the APY lands team is still being organised Mark Ames will set up as Acting Education Director.





Newman did this openly to local Anangu people and many non-Anangu people. All of them are employees of DECD but DECD only protected Paul Newman and his friends. Therefore DECD assisted in your Career-rape and is partly responsible. The Catholic Church pays millions of dollars to victims for ignoring their cries for help.

DECD under Rick Persse will have to pay too for protecting Paul Newman and his friends.
Here is an example:

Gang rape (not Paul Newman)

Gang rape occurs when a group of people participate in the rape of a single victim. Rape involving at least two or more violators (usually at least three) is widely reported to occur in many parts of the world.

Gang career-rape (yes Paul Newman)

Gang career-rape occurs when a group of ‘DECD Leadership’ participate in the career-rape of a single teacher. Career-rape involving at least two or more ‘Leadership’ (usually at least three) is widely reported to occur in many parts of the State but is much more common in the APY Lands where Newman and his buddies just do what they like to you.

Serial Rape (not Paul Newman)

Serial rape is rape committed by a person over a relatively long period of time and committed on a number of victims. Most times this type of rapist is unknown to the victim and follows a specific and predictable pattern of targeting and assaulting victims.

Serial career-rape (yes Paul Newman)

Serial career-rape is committed by an Education Director over a relatively long period of time and committed on a number of victims usually teachers but also others he doesn’t like. Most times this Director is known to the teacher and follows a specific and predictable pattern of targeting, harassing and intimidating victims.

Payback career-rape (yes Paul Newman)

Payback career-rape, also called punishment career-rape or revenge career-rape, is a form of career-rape specific to certain organizations, particularly Government ones. It consists of the career-rape of an employee, usually by a group of several males in Leadership (although female bosses regularly participate in this behavior too), as revenge for acts committed by members of a lower class of employee, such as teachers or SSOs. The career-rape is meant to humiliate the employee, as punishment for their prior behavior (sometimes complaining about them or submitting grievances or alerting outside organizations to what’s really going on in schools) towards the perpetrators. It also serves as a visible warning to other employees who might be thinking of complaining about any of the perpetrators in the future. The message is clear: We will f*ck your career. Payback career-rape is sometimes connected to tribal fighting between ‘DECD Leadership’ and employees under them in the organizational hierarchy.

War Mentality career-rape (yes Paul Newman)

War Mentality career-rapes are committed by School Leadership, Directors and various DECD corporate employees during perceived conflict or when they adopt a war mentality when dealing with ‘enemy combatants’ (so-called ‘troublemaker teachers’). It also covers the situation where female teachers are forced into psychological career-slavery by an Education Director like Newman. He helps you one time and you find yourself in debt to him for years, especially when he recruits you to support getting rid of a so-called ‘troublemaker teacher’ for him.

During this war mentality stage, career-rape is often used as a means of psychological warfare in order to humiliate the enemy (teachers) and undermine their morale. They are often systematic and thorough, and Adelaide based DECD Leaders may actually encourage their Director and principals to career-rape teachers Newman hates. Likewise, systematic career-rapes are often employed as a form of complainers-cleansing whereby anyone who complains is cleansed from the APY Lands and moved somewhere else. During this process their reputation will be trashed with false stories, spreading of made up rumors, fake negative performance management results and tales of bad behavior, none of which is true but helps to make it almost impossible for the teacher to return to work.

Career-Rape by Deception (yes Paul Newman)

Career-Rape by deception occurs when the perpetrator gains the victim’s agreement through fraud. In one case, a person in Leadership pretended to be a friend of Paul Newman. They claimed they had power to cause negative impacts on the woman’s career in order to pressure her into telling lies about another teacher. Both teachers’ careers suffered because of this and it was later exposed that the Leadership had no real power after all.

This career-rape by deception breaches the Code of Ethics for Public Servants and DECD’s Code of Conduct. These prohibitions are reinforced by the Public Sector Management Act. Unfortunately these kinds of career-rapes are regularly not prosecuted by DECD, unless you are a so-called ‘troublemaker teacher’ and then look out!

The courts would find that this Leadership had falsely represented themselves and thus used career-rape by deception against the woman.

Corrective career-rape (yes Paul Newman)

Corrective career-rape is targeted against non-compliant teachers as a punishment for violating their position in the DECD employment hierarchy. The Education Director tells everyone the so-called ‘troublemaker teacher’ is at the bottom of the pecking order but the so-called ‘troublemaker teacher’ doesn’t follow these orders. The corrective career-rapist justifies the act as an acceptable response to the victim’s perceived position and as a form of punishment for standing up to him. Often, the stated argument is that the career-rape will put the person back in their place, ‘correcting’ their defiant behavior, i.e. make them conform to the Education Director imposed norms.

Again like Payback career-rape this type of career-rape is strongest when it is public. This ensures that everybody can see what will happen to them if they try to stand up to the Education Director and his friends.

Status career-rape (yes Paul Newman)

Resulting from differences in hierarchy or perceived social class. This kind of public show career-rape reminds everybody who is the boss and is done primarily for pleasure. Like some of the others it serves as a good reminder who is the boss around these parts to the lower class employees. Partners of teachers or SSOs are vulnerable to this kind of career-rape too.

Narcissistic friends of Paul Newman who were protected by him also participate in this behavior. Nicholas Papadopoulos was one of the worst for this kind of “I’m better than you because I’m DECD Leadership and I’m a friend of Paul Newman” behavior. He also joined in on Gang career-rape with New best friend boss.

Emotional and psychological

Frequently, victims may not recognize what happened to them was career-rape. Some may remain in denial for years afterwards. Confusion over whether or not their experience constitutes career-rape is typical, especially when victims suffer psychological damage. Women may not identify their victimization as career-rape for many reasons such as feelings of shame, embarrassment, fear of retaliation from DECD, reluctance to define the perpetrator as someone who f*cks their career or because they have internalized victim-blaming attitudes. The public perceives these behaviors as ‘counterintuitive’ and therefore, as evidence of it not happening at all.

Denial is not uncommon. Fear of not being part of the group is also a strong driver of silence in these situations. Once labeled a ‘troublemaker’ by Paul Newman or others it is very difficult to shake off because DECD doesn’t support teachers in these situations, further damaging the poor employee.

Meanwhile people like Paul Newman continue to believe they are getting stronger and stronger and continue to career-rape more and more employees under their responsibility. DECD becomes more and more culpable as time goes on and they continue to do nothing when alerted.


DECD has a strong career-rape culture. It is a sociological concept used to describe a setting in which career-rape is pervasive and normalized due to attitudes in DECD about Education Directors, principals and those below them in the hierarchy.

Behaviors commonly associated with career-rape culture include victim blaming, so-called ‘troublemaker teacher’-shaming, objectification of us females, trivializing the career-rape, denial of widespread career-rape, refusing to acknowledge the harm caused by much of the behavior, or some combination of these.

REMEMBER: Behind Every Boss Such As Paul Newman There Are Many Enablers

There is so much more work to do if we want to protect Anangu Education Workers, teachers and their partners from the predatory and retaliatory behavior of people such as Paul Newman.




Paul Newman, Larry Nassar, 2 peas in a power-pod.

aly raisman

larry nassar

Paul Newman is to DECD what Larry Nassar is to USA Gymnastics

Both men in positions of power, both protected by their bosses, both abusing people in their care.

IMPORTANT: Paul Newman is only accused of employment abuse, not sexual abuse of any kind. The parallels between these men (including Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, et cetera) is only that they got away with their disgusting behavior because they were male and were protected by others.

Nassar is finally facing his victims in court after decades of sexual abuse. Unfortunately just like the Catholic Church does with its sickening pedophile priests, Paul Newman was quietly moved away from the APY Lands to a new educational parish in the city after complaints about him became too much to hide anymore. He did the same terrible things in the Northern Territory for many years too. A bully like him can’t change his spots.

All of us stand arm in arm with brave beyond words USA Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman as she confronts her abuser in court. Listen carefully to her words, they give us hope that Paul Newman will face court for his disgusting employment abuse and for trying to destroy people’s lives.

We love you Aly!

These words were said to Larry Nassar but could easily be talking about Paul Newman:

“The effects of your actions is far reaching, the abuse goes way beyond the moment.”

“You made me uncomfortable and I thought you were weird.”

“Imagine feeling like you have no power and no voice.”

“If over these many years just one adult listened and had the courage and character to act this tragedy could have been avoided. I and so many others would have never ever met you.”

“When people came forward, adult after adult, many in positions of authority, protected you.”

“Being told you were mistaken is like being violated all over again”.

“You were put on advisory boards or committees to come up with policies that would protect people from this kind of abuse. You are the person they had take the lead of athlete care” (same as Paul Newman in charge of APY teacher wellbeing!)

“False assurances from organizations are dangerous.”

“You’ve taken on an organization that is rotting from the inside”. (for Rick Persse, Chief Executive)

“Continuing to issue statements and empty promises will no longer work.”

What happens when people speak out about Paul Newman? Ask Ferg Ferguson.

DECD have tried to silence Ferg and damage his career. We think Aly and Ferg are very similar.

Good luck with that, DECD.


Please watch Aly’s powerful speech here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKyzLRHu18Y



Paul Newman – the FAQ tell all


Update on Ernabella teacher Ferg Ferguson who is fighting back against Paul Newman/DECD bullying in the South Australian Employment Tribunal on the other blog: HERE.


A new page (also in the top right hand corner of this blog): click to read it:

The Conor Test

A guide for DECD Education Directors who only know how to lie, bully and harass staff (too late to save Paul Newman who’s been removed against his wishes from the APY Lands but perfect for Mark Ames and whoever takes over from him).



Pic from the other blog: Thankyou whoever did this!

CELEBRATIONS for APY Lands but feel sorry for who gets Paul Newman next….more lies and abuse for them.  😦



Email acknowledged by Rick Persse.  The clock is ticking, tick, tock, tick, tock……



A friend emailed Mr Persse the Chief Executive of DECD today to ask him to do something about Paul Newman.  This is DECD’s Harvey Weinstein moment we all hope, when finally something will get done.  Everyone knows the SA government is looking at this blog and the other blog https://southaustraliaapylandsschools.wordpress.com

Question is, will they continue to look the other way as they have done for so long?  (It’s called wilful blindness and legal negligence I’m told)


we know you're watching



Don’t die laughing like we all did. Paul Newman has lost the plot. Word is he will claim at Ferg’s court date on 7 December “if you take some time off and don’t teach for a year then you forget how to teach”.


Sorry all you teaching mums who took maternity leave, back to teacher training school for you!


ha-ha-ha-ha what a joke!  Mr Persse can we get a new Education Director pls, a real one who knows what they’re talking about? Pretty pls?  Maybe this is why all your APY schools are in such bad shape?


If you haven’t died laughing already and you want to hear more Paul Newman Lies, this time in person?

Come to the South Australian Employment Tribunal in Adelaide on 7 December to watch Ernabella teacher Ferg Ferguson question Newman on the witness stand in his case.

Is Newman stupid enough to lie under oath? Prolly.

This is Paul Newman:


DECD only protect Leadership and their friends, the staff under them are lied about, bullied, mentally/emotionally and professionally abused and lose their jobs if they complain too much, and sometimes so do their partners.  Please read this link: DECD TEACHERS LIE IN COURT.

Friends with the Education Minister? You can do whatever you like to your staff and then blame them, just make sure Minister Close has some nice photos for her Facebook page to keep her happy.

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Schmoooz and guarantee it’s not your job you lose!

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Schmoooz 4

Premier Jay Weatherill should understand the legal consequences of continuing to ignore Paul Newman’s behaviour, he’s a lawyer!

Schmoooz 1

Silence is Paul Newman’s (and Mark Ames’s) best friend. Those who know, must speak up.

Whether or not the large amount of complaints against Paul Newman are true, it’s clear that Open Secrets in DECD only exist because people stay quiet.

“It’s unbelievable,” an HR person said when asked if she’d heard how many people had left teaching or been forced out because of him. “He’s such a nice guy”, she went on, “Maybe there’s something wrong with all those teachers, maybe they’re not the right people for the job out there.”

Not unbelievable to us, what’s really unbelievable is the protection from DECD Newman’s gotten.

A powerful man being accused of bullying and harassing teachers both in and out of the workplace is an entirely believable scenario.

A powerful man being accused of doing all this 1500kms away out in the desert where nobody really cares much about what goes on is an entirely believable scenario.

A powerful man being accused of hand picking his ‘yes men’ (and women) on selection panels so he can continue his workplace abuse is an entirely believable scenario.
Those who never get a job in the APY Lands after crossing Newman will understand and there are lots of those people.

The gloss of the cultural experience in the APY Lands and its mythology cannot hide what is happening out there. This has nothing at all to do with the teachers, it is not their fault. This is about Leadership, this is about power.

Teachers in the APY Lands feel helpless, they feel like they have no access to justice when they complain. It’s too easy to be bullied again after you complain so many people suffer in silence. It’s too easy for DECD to cover it all up then after Newman has told more lies about you and discredited your story, which HR and ECU lap up like a cat with a bowl of cream, then he turns on you and you have nowhere to hide and nobody to help you.

What people do have, though, is access to the internet. People can speak out with some protection but everybody knows if you put your name to anything it is still seen as pretty much a career-terminating move. Newman will know where to find you.

But for a teacher’s career to end, more than one person has to be complicit in an unspoken agreement that certain behaviour is just part of the deal of working in the APY Lands. The fact that Newman mixes with politicians including Jay Weatherill changes nothing.

But sometimes even those staff ganging up on you with the support of powerful people can still come unstuck: read DECD TEACHERS LIE IN COURT.

The misplaced notion that lying about you in the background to damage your career, bullying, harassment or the other kinds of inappropriate behaviour that Newman and his hand-picked cronies have committed is all fine and dandy disguises a level of collusion that is very worrying. Workplace bullying is still not career-terminating for men like Paul Newman but being vocal about being bullied is. And then there’s all the sleazy sexist comments and slimy touching of arms and shoulders.  Some people would call that bordering on sexual assault.

There should be no self-congratulatory back patting here just because this DECD Open Secret has now been published on the internet but it is the beginning of taking back some power.

The shut-down of brave individuals who speak out is galling. Everybody knows that for change to come, silence has to be broken. “Your silence will not protect you,” someone once said. “Silence = death” as Aids activists used to chant.

Not being overly dramatic here but if those who are paid to protect employees (AEU, DECD HR and ECU to name some) are not speaking out about the abuse of teachers and AEWs then they are part of it. The silence that still hangs around such bullying and harassment in DECD will surely break. But for now it speaks volumes.

Open Secrets can only be maintained by complicity. Who wouldn’t want to play a part in breaking a story about more teachers and DECD employees being abused?

Just look what silence and looking the other way did for the victims of Jimmy Savile.

Why onlookers hold the key to standing up to bullies.

As a victim of bullying in the APY Lands I think the best way to prevent it is to use the same peer pressure that brings it about.

Unofficial polls often show that more than half of school teachers say bullying is a problem in the APY Lands. This, depressingly, is not in line with official polls on the subject – this shows that people are scared to speak out.

It is also worthwhile to think about the lived experience of bullying.

One of the most painful things about being bullied is not so much the intimidation, humiliation and fear of losing your job – though obviously that’s a large part – but the confusion. Why is this person doing this to me? What did I do to deserve it?

There are a number of motivations behind bullying: First, and most confusingly of all, is the fact that some people simply enjoy bullying for its own sake. To exert power and cruelty over someone weaker than you, or different, is a big kick for a certain kind of person, and such people are not particularly rare. Paul Newman fits into this category.

A related point is that bullying is often an activity that is collectively enjoyed. The group – or mob, if you want to think of it that way – loves to find a scapegoat. It doesn’t matter that the victim is innocent – the point is, the person being bullied provides an “outsider” who can help give the group identity. Such bullying happens not only in schools, but also in workplaces, and pretty much any place where you put more than a dozen people together. It is rife in the APY Lands, made much worse by the isolation and geographical location. Paul Newman thrives on this part of his bullying.

What should one do if one is being bullied? There is no easy answer. Dobbing in your assailant violates the bully’s warped code, but it’s a possible way out – or, like the other option of fighting back, it can simply make things worse. Others become jokers or fools. Or you can just tough it out and hope the bully will get bored and move on to someone else. Unfortunately once Newman has you in his sights you are pretty much done for, or so he would like everybody to believe. In this way he prevents many from fighting back because they are scared it will get worse and DECD won’t protect you.

But bullies like Paul Newman get a lot of their power from our silence and this is one of the greatest weapons bullied victims have – their voice – as long as the employer is listening. If the employer won’t listen and you keep all the documentation to prove it then tell the Office for Public Integrity about DECD misconduct.

There is a school of thought that suggests we should have some sympathy for the bully – that being bullied makes you into a bully in the first place. But the idea that bullies have been bullied themselves is largely a myth. According to evolutionary psychologists, bullying appears to be hardwired, and on the whole bullies are socially, that is to say, evolutionarily, successful. Many species bully, and not only primates. It’s a way of riding up the dominance hierarchy or, if you’re a chicken, the pecking order.

So what can I say to console or advise any DECD teacher who is being bullied? If there’s any positive side to it all, it may be true that it can help build resilience, as many of my parents’ generation believed. But that’s only if, sooner or later, you make a stand against it.

Perhaps the solution isn’t really in the hands of the bullied – it’s in the hands of other, often stronger, onlookers, the non-bullied, who may pretend not to notice, either because they enjoy the spectacle or they are afraid of being bullied themselves.

The most effective solution would be for those employees to withhold approval and condemn the perpetrator – and to be encouraged to do so by schools and DECD. If we collectively “name and shame” bullies, bullying would fall. Nothing in the end is stronger than peer pressure – and in that fashion, the same force that often brings about bullying, can also make it cease.

The other option is to document all your stressful situations, regularly speak to a counsellor, get them to document it all too, then speak to a lawyer who specialises in workplace psychological injuries.

If you can prove (and we all know they do this every time) that DECD knew but looked the other way and did nothing when you complained about Paul Newman, causing your psychological injury then you might be in line for a huge payout, like these teachers/employees were:

Teacher Peter Doulis wins $1.3m payout after unruly students drive him to the brink

Emily Portelli, Herald Sun September 16, 2014 1:30am

A VICTORIAN teacher driven to the brink by unruly students including one who made a flamethrower in class will pocket close to $1.3 million from taxpayers.

Peter Doulis has today been awarded more than half a million dollars for lost future earnings, increasing his total taxpayer-funded pay check to around $1.3 million.

The Department of Education was also ordered by the Supreme Court to fork out for the former Werribee Secondary College teacher’s legal costs, which could total up to $380,000.


Australia: Employee bullied by CEO receives $1.4 million compensation

Last Updated: 4 October 2017

Article by Paul O’Halloran

Colin Biggers & Paisley


The recent decision of the Supreme Court of Queensland to award a psychiatrically injured employee significant damages provides a stark reminder for executive teams, shareholders and boards: failure to identify and address bullying behaviours could cost you millions.


In Robinson v State of Queensland [2017] QSC 165, the Supreme Court of Queensland has awarded an executive employee $1,468,991.11 in damages (plus costs) after finding that she had been subjected to “repeated managerial mistreatment” by her boss, the CEO of a health organisation in Queensland. The employer was held to have been liable in negligence for failing in its duty of care to provide a safe system of work.

The Court found that over the period of a year, the CEO engaged in “unjustified blaming, humiliation, belittling, isolation, undermining and contemptuous disregard” towards the employee, which resulted in the employee ceasing work permanently and developing a serious psychiatric injury.

The bullying conduct fell into the following categories:

  • isolating the employee and flippantly excluding her from decision making and team meetings
  • unjustified blaming and humiliatingly loud and public “dressing down” of the employee in front of other staff
  • failing to inform the employee of allegations made against her and failing to provide allegations in writing despite repeated requests
  • making decisions impacting upon the teams managed by the employee without consulting her and communicating these decisions to staff without advising her



For other tips for a successful legal claim for bullying against DECD and Paul Newman read this: